TaiLai Biosciences is a biotechnology company founded by medical experts and seasoned scientists, providing disruptive biopsy products and services based on proprietary multiomics technology. We believe in Prevention Rather Than Cure.

TaiLai Biosciences team has been cooperating with world-renowned hospitals and thought leaders for advanced cancer screening technology with multiomics and machine learning based on great number of clinical data. Our products and services make it possible to locate, identify and intervene the patients’ disease early enough, which could significantly increase the recovery rate.


Cancer is the most complex disease known so far. It is caused by changes of protein and metabolism molecules for genetic mutations, which means strong data-driven guidance is a must for the diagnosis and treatment.

In order to obtain the most accurate diagnosis and treatment solution, doctors must collect the patients’ information down to genetic and molecular level, which is rather challenging in most cases. Tumor tissues is typically obtained by surgery or biopsy, but those approaches are highly risky and not applicable for all the patients. Early-stage detection has the best chance to help cure the patients, but the technology is currently not accessible.

We believe obtaining various molecular information in each stage of cancer effectively is the key to conquer cancer. We have developed several techniques to interpret molecular information to make effective diagnosis with a non-invasive way, and we are developing a series of sample biopsy techniques for all kinds and stages of cancer with a non-invasive way as well. Meanwhile, TaiLai Biosciences is also cooperating with many top hospitals and leading immuneotherapy enterprises to develop companion diagnostic techniques for immune-guided medication and cancer recurrence monitoring.